Thursday, September 27, 2007

Roger K. Crouch Payload Specilaist STS84 & 94

SPACE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: Payload Specialist on STS-83 (April 4-8, 1997) and STS-94 (July 1-17, 1997) and has logged over 471 hours in space. STS-83, the Microgravity Science Laboratory (MSL-1) Spacelab mission, was cut short because of problems with one of the Shuttle’s fuel cell power units. Mission duration was 95 hours and 12 minutes, traveling 1.5 million miles in 63 orbits. STS-94 was a reflight of the MSL-1 and focused on materials and combustion science research. Mission duration was 376 hours and 45 minutes, traveling 6.3 million miles in 251 orbits of the Earth. He trained as the Alternate Payload Specialist on STS-42 (First International Microgravity Laboratory) which flew in January 1992.